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To be in awe, holding a ruler, cautious Shenwei, diligent self-examination, to comply with Party discipline, abide by discipline, do Zhi Jingwei, Ming, the bottom line rules.
Look for a job to be real
From reality to career planning and work to make ideas, policies and programs in line with the actual situation, in line with the objective law, in line with the spirit of science, not ambitious, is not divorced from reality.
Entrepreneurship should be real
We should keep our feet on the ground, work hard, take responsibility, face up to contradictions, be good at ending problems, and strive to create achievements that can stand the test of practice.
A man must be true to himself
Be honest, honest, honest, honest and honest.To promote the spirit of nails, to maintain strength, to maintain resilience, to begin the good ending, to be good, to achieve the new effect of style.
The fear of the system
What is done in the world is done in detail.Do not deal with, don't deal with, want to insist on a system power charge pipe, forming without reason, not shirk, dare to undertake effective mechanism, let the populace to supervise power, let the power to run in the sun, the QuanLiGuan into the system of the cage.
Take quality as root
Credibility comes from quality, quality from details.Take quality as life, customer as the center.Defend the quality, I am responsible! fect of style.
Study and study again
The enterprise should advance, the individual wants to go up, must learn the wind of the learning, insist on study, study, in the study, adhere to practice, practice, repractice.We should learn as a kind of pursuit, we should learn to learn, as long as we persist, we will make a lot of progress, and we will make a thousand miles.
Strict to cultivate one's morality
We should strengthen the party spirit, strengthen the ideal faith, raise the moral realm, pursue the noble sentiment, consciously avoid the vulgar taste, consciously resist the anti-wind evil spirit.
Strict use of power
We should uphold the right to use the right to the people, exercise the power according to the rules and the system, and put the power into the cage of the system, without any privileges or personal interests. persist, we will make a lot of progress, and we will make a thousand miles.